Property Management in Alexandria, VA

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Property Management in Alexandria, VA

Property Management in Alexandria, VA

The city of Alexandria, VA sits just 7 miles south of Washington DC on the Potomac River. The historical city is full of 18th and 19th century architecture. While Alexandria is rooted in the past, it hasn’t failed to keep up with modern times; plenty of amenities and trendy businesses provide great options for local residents to discover.

For example, Old Town is one of the hottest spots in Alexandria. Old Town features various restaurants and bars. Alexandria is also home to many boutique shops. Since it’s so close to the Potomac River, residents can also easily hitch a boat ride or go on a fishing expedition, too.

Investing in Alexandria Rentals

Since Alexandria is in such a good area and very close to Washington DC, its housing is always in high demand. In fact, Alexandria has experienced a 9% sales increase on property just in the past year. Alexandria real estate is also highly valued with a median rent of about $2600 per month.

As rental properties grow in popularity, the opportunity to invest becomes greater. That’s why many savvy real estate investors have turned to rental properties in Alexandria, VA to obtain a positive return on their capital investments.

Finding Property Management in Alexandria, VA

While buying property in Alexandria is often a good investment, that doesn’t mean it’s an easy one. If you already own property in Alexandria and need help keeping up, Benchmark Property Management offers services like repairs, maintenance, and eviction support. If you’re new to the game and don’t know where to start, we can also provide legal guidance, marketing, and tenant screening.

Our expert staff specializes in property management in Alexandria, VA. If you’re looking for a property management company that will help you make the best return on your investment for years to come, look no further.

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We provide effective property management solutions


If your home is currently vacant, time is of the essence. Our marketing experts will work quickly to ensure we find interested renters and begin showing the property.

Tenant Screening

You don't want just any  tenant; instead, you need a qualified renter who will take good care of your home. Every application we receive undergoes rigorous screening to keep you safe.

Rent Collection

Enjoy peace of mind knowing your earnings will hit your bank account on time each month. We send out monthly bills, collect funds, and deposit your rent check for you.


Dealing with repair problems shouldn't gobble up all of your free time. Choose to partner with us & enjoy 24/7 maintenance coordination. Your home is in good hands.

Property Inspections

Every rental property in our portfolio receives ongoing inspection visits from our team. These visits give us the chance to see what's taking place inside your home.

Financial Reporting

We carefully document your financial performance, giving you the chance to monitor your home's health at any time. Sign into your online account to view your latest statements.


Avoiding evictions wherever possible is always our goal, but if a tenant breaks their lease and we have no other choice, we will help you navigate the tricky eviction process.

Legal Guidance

Don't find yourself in violation of fair housing law or ignore a little detail that could cost you dearly. Let us keep your property in line and we'll make certain nothing gets missed.

Why Choose Benchmark Property Management?

Work with a proven partner in NOVA rentals.

We Understand Virginia and Maryland Tenant Laws

Several laws, ordinances, and federal housing guidelines impact how you must operate your rental business. Ignoring these rules could prove catastrophic. Fortunately, at Benchmark Property Management, we have the expertise necessary to keep your property compliant.

Our Renters Love Working with Us

Many property managers ignore tenants and focus instead on their homeowners; we take a different approach. We equally prioritize the concerns of our renters and clients. This helps us keep tenants satisfied, in turn reducing turnover rates and eliminating disputes.

Our Office Uses Powerful Technology

Want to check in on your property or interact with our team? We use convenient tech tools like digital listings and online account portals to make it easy to connect with us. This helps us stay efficient and makes certain we never miss something important from you.

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If you own NOVA rental homes and want to keep earning the highest dollar each month, it's essential to develop a careful property management strategy for your property. Some homeowners are tempted to go the journey alone, but when it comes to important responsibilities like finding qualified tenants and handling monthly accounting needs, expertise and experience make a big difference. Working with a professional is a savvy alternative to consider.

Benchmark Property Management strives to provide the best property management services in Northern Virginia. We accomplish this by truly listening to our customers' needs and tailoring our management to their specific concerns. Our team also monitors market trends and uses this information to ensure that we are preparing you for success. Learn how we can help you meet your financial goals today, whether you own one or several properties.

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